Together Loungewear is a women owned Canadian loungewear brand with an emphasis on sustainability, transparency, and ethics.

Founded by Whitney Sims, she set out to create garments that elevated her style, are made sustainably, and are priced fairly on the market. She understood the need for consumers wanting to shop more sustainably while understanding that many sustainable clothing price points we’re out of reach for the general consumer.

We believe you can dress comfy, elevated, and sustainably without having to sacrifice quality, style, and price.

More about Whitney

Whitney's passionate about sustainability and human rights. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Development which explores social justice and world issues. Her background has allowed her to vet manufactures and ensure safe working conditions, use of sustainable materials and understanding the impact they hold on the environment. She felt her background, and love of loungewear would be beneficial when she made the decision to start her sustainable loungewear brand.