Tips on how to take care for your garments.

Say no to hot water:
Washing your clothing in hot water tends to wear your clothing out more quickly. Cold water has the ability to clean your garments just as good as hot! Your washing machine uses 90% more energy to run a load with hot water. Switching to cold is also better for the environment and saves on energy. Unless you’re doing physical activity and getting a little sweaty in your garments, ditch the hot!

Inside Out:
We recommend turning your garments inside out if they’re going through the washing machine. This will help preserve any dyes from fading.

Hang Dry:
Over here we prefer to hang dry our clothing for many reasons. A dryer uses more energy, and over time dryer heat damages your clothing. You can invest in a clothing line, a dryer rack or hang garments on a clothing rack or even the shower rod. If this isn’t available to you then we recommend using the lowest heat option on the dryer.

Air out:
When changing out of your garments before putting them back in your closet or drawer we recommend letting your garments air out for 30-60 minutes. Either lay them down on a flat surface or hang them somewhere to prevent wrinkles.

Wash Less
Unless your garments have gone through a spill, or stain we recommend waiting up to 3 wears before you put your garment through the wash. Hot water and heat can remove dyes, stretch, and tear garments. The more times you wash, the more “worn” it will appear.

After some serious lounging you may find some wrinkles in your garments. Don't worry you can steam or iron on low temperature to smooth them out.