How it works?
We launch pre-order while our product is still in production. You are viewing a sample piece, which we’re still perfecting. The body of the garment, style and colour will remain the same. We’re making minor tweaks so that its 110% perfect by the time it gets in your hands.

Why pre-order?
We want to ensure we order the right number of units and prevent items from selling out too quickly, or having too much inventory at the end of the collection.  This pre-order model is better for the environment and our small business!

Pre-order Shipping
Purchases made during pre-order take approximately 12 weeks .

You’ll receive an email with your order confirmation and an email once your order is ready to ship with necessary tracking information. Please allow up to standard shipping for your order.

Summer Release Pre-order Shipping
Pre-orders for our Summer release are expected to ship July.