Supply Chain

It’s our goal to make responsibly made garments. We aim to be completely transparent with you. We believe it’s important to have a transparent supply chain that has the environment, human rights, and sustainability front of mind.

    Together Loungewear is developed and designed in Winnipeg, Manitoba by Whitney the founder. Whitney works with her manufacturer in Winnipeg to bring her ideas to life. Our manufacturer works with us to create patterns and samples and the process to produce our garments.

    We gage demand, and plan for our collections with a pre-order model. Pre-order allows us to gage how many units to produce during manufacturing. 

    Our manufacturer sources our fabric. We've sourced our fabric from a Western Canadian Supplier and we sourced our clothing labels from an Eastern Canadian Supplier.

    We are proud to with work with a woman owned manufacture based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our Lounge Sets are designed & made in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

    Our manufacturer runs a True Transparent certification with vetted manufacturer's over sea's. Their factories have been carefully chosen in order to guarantee high-quality standards, fair wages, and safe working conditions. 

    True Transparent
    True Transparent certifies partners and overseas factories that meet rigorous criteria focused on, but not limited to, safety, transparency, ethical management and social responsibility.

    These partnerships are the key to our ability to, mobilize the right skilled workers, deliver unique manufacturing solutions, and to operate with a conscious focus on delivering value. 

    The factory that has made the Lounge Tanks is a small operation in Hongzhou China with +/-  20 employees.  

    - Garma Tech Inc.

    Our manufacturer uses garment markers to reduce fabric waste during production. We run a pre-order model and produce small in batches. This model aids in managing fabric and waste.

    We’re don’t use hang tags as tags require paper, string, or safety pins. We want to reduce our waste and we know as soon as you’re happy with the garment, tags will go in the trash. We want to avoid as much waste as possible.